July 12, 2007

Links for MOE ExCEL FEST 2007, 13 July 2007

Links for the MOE ExCEL FEST 2007. The resources listed here are highly selective and far from exhaustive. I'm focusing on what I think would be those that are immediately applicable, popular and most practical for a school teacher in Singapore. If you've more to add, you're most welcome to leave a comment.

Services/ Tools

Online Safety

Education-related blogs/ School blogs/ Educators' blogs


NLB Blogs

Useful stuff to explore

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Hazman Aziz said...


You might want to add in these links.

Free Edublogs - Widely used edublog by teachers. - http://edublogs.org/

Classblogmeister - Widely used free edublog for students and teachers. - http://www.classblogmeister.com/

EduSpaces - Social networking site for educators which includes blogs. Formerly Elgg. - http://eduspaces.net/

Learning Through Weblogs - academic blog by Claude Gagné, Ryerson University, Toronto. - http://learningweblogs.spaces.live.com/

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