September 13, 2007

Talk on "Overview on the "W & H" of Blogging and New Media" - 21 Sept 2007

As published at Civil Service College website:

Programme Category: Public Administration - Communications

Course Title: Talk on "Overview on the "W & H" of Blogging and New Media"

Synopsis: This introductory talk gives us an overview on blogging in the new media landscape. The Internet space has created a global village for spirited and borderless communication, information sharing and learning. The advent of new media has renewed the dynamism of the cybersphere, particularly in the use of blogs.

Join us for this talk and learn how to use blogs and the basics of other new media tools. Understand the impact these new communication channels have created in our social and work environment and also learn where and how to explore their use further. Keep yourself up to date with the latest in communications.

Objective: By the end of the talk, you would be able to:
  • understand the differences between traditional media and new media, with emphasis on blogging
  • gain insights into the latest trends in blogging, the use of other new media tools, the reasons why people express themselves using new media and how blogging can be applied in the context of public communications

Course Outline:
  • Traditional Media vs New Media - impact on the social environment and the public sector
  • What are the new media tools?
  • Blogging
  1. How do blogs differ from traditional websites and other online communications tools?
  2. What is blogging and why do people blog?
  3. Basic blogging etiquette
  4. Latest trends in blogging - how blogs are being used by organisations and individuals

  • Overview of other new media tools:
  1. Podcasting/vodcasting
  2. Online videos
  3. RSS
  4. Wikis
  5. Virtual worlds

Trainers/ Facilitators: Ivan Chew

Schedule Information: 21/09/2007
Time: 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Course Fee: Complimentary
Additional Fee Info: A new initiative by CSC, IPAM to bring new media tools to our public officers.

Trainer Details
Ivan Chew has been trained as a professional librarian. Ivan graduated with 1st Class honours from the University of London in Information Systems and Management. Subsequently, he pursued a MSc (Information Studies) from Nanyang Technology University. He is in charge of Adult & Young People's Services in NLB where he manages a team of librarians in delivering services, organizing talks, workshops and outreach programmes to schools, organisations as well as local and overseas community partners. He has been training on Blogging and Podcasting workshops on numerous occasions. Currently he has 6 blogs and 1 podcast. A man of many talents, he can draw, paint as well as play guitar for an amateur band. He also counts blogging, poetry writing and playing piano as his interests. Ivan has also taken a keen interest in Library Services for People with Disabilities.

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Loh KY said...

Hi Ivan

Thanks for the sharing :D

Just to let you know, I got a couple of good ideas from the talk.

Will explore some of the websites you introduced.

As for the aggregator that you suggested (ie. Bloglines), perhaps can consider Google Reader. :D

Kwai Yin