August 27, 2005

Checklist for 1 Sept course

We've confirmed the course package (for purposes of copyright, we can't show them here). The training is confirmed on 1st Sept 2005.

Last we heard, both sessions are fully registered. 45 people signed up, so let's see if all turn up that day.

  • Do a reece of the training venue
  • Rehearsal
  • Powerpoint slides (what would we do without Powerpoint?)
  • Printouts of the courseware
  • Participants' namelist
We're about set, Rajen.


ExpatLibrarian said...

Hi Ivan
Thanks for your posting and update. On my side things look set. I have completed the course notes. We will be using Powerpoint slides.
I will be getting it vetted and then sending it out for printing.
BTW would you like to meet up to do a dry-run?

Ivan Chew said...

Hi, hope you read this on your newsfeed. We've already done a dry-run 2 days ago, so I'll just meet you earlier at the training venue.