August 03, 2005

What the demo will cover

We have about an hour for the hands-on portion for the course. We'll be showing them how to create a blog using Blogger -- to show them something else while we are using Blogger here just doesn't seem quite right, does it? :)

Step 1: Creating an account
Step 2: Choosing a name
Step 3: Choosing a template

That's it. Then we'll go around the classroom to help the participants.

How's that?

I think most might be stuck with choosing a name for the blog.


ExpatLibrarian said...

Hey Ivan
I just realised that for the demo, participants will need to have a valid email user ID if they choose to create a blog.
I have some questions about the hands-on part:
1. Will you need me to be cyberguide?
2. How long will you take for the demo? This will help me chunk out the areas we will be covering.
3. What's our plan B if participants don't want to create a blog? Any ideas?

Ivan Chew said...

Good reminder re: email. The participants would want to know that too. But blogger doesn't need email verification to get your blog started (they work more like a "tell us if you think this blog under your name was created in error"). So long they enter a correct email address, it'll work fine.

For the rest of your questions:
1. Yes
2. About 45mins (depending on the participants really).
3. Gotta think about this... I guess we can do a 'live' demo to show how to create a blog and post information. Just to show them how it's done.

Which brings to mind -- we have to tell the participants that the choice to blog or not is theirs. We're not evangelising anything here. We're just to tell them more about the technology, its possible and current applications.

Lam Chun See said...

I suggest you add a section on 'how to do blog search'; I sort of discovered that accidentally when I heard it being mentioned by some other blogger. It was through Google blog search that I found some of my blogging buddies.