August 01, 2005

Finally, a name!

Hello World.

Our names are Rajendra Munoo and Ivan Chew. We started this blog as a demonstration tool for the Blogging Course that we have been asked to conduct for the MICA Innovation Fiesta 2005:
"Blogging: New Tool of the E-Generation".
Date: 1 Sept 2005
Time: 10am - 12.30pm (Session #1)/ 2.30pm - 5pm (Session #2)
Venue: NLB Academy (Toa Payoh Community Library)

Rajen has a blog at ExpatLibrarian. I'm sometimes known in the Blogosphere as the RamblingLibrarian.

We're conducting this particular course for the first time. We'll see how it goes
We've got very good feedback from our first run (both sessions). Certainly the participants understood more about blogs, what is it (and isn't). We'll be updating this blog from time to time, depending on future sessions.


Anonymous said...

I thought this blog was going to tell me how to set up a blog of my own. I need step by step instructions. Guess I'll surf the internet to find out how.

Ivan Chew said...

Sorry to disappoint. It's a "Demo site for our Blog Course". We might post some screen shots if we get the time. Meanwhile, here are some links you might want to refer to: