May 23, 2008

Tips on using BLOGGER.COM

Some links from's Help pages that I feel all new users ought to know. These tend to the the Frequently Asked Questions from those new to blogger.

More tips, for blogging newbies:

#1 - Write down your User ID, Password, and Blog URL somewhere (keep it safe, until you've committed it to memory).
I've seen many people get all caught up in the excitement of creating a new blog for the first time that they forget their User name, password or the blog URL. They'd lament that they can't find their blog or login etc.

#2- When creating your new blog, just choose a blog design quickly. And move on!
I've personally experienced this myself -- you spend ages choosing and mulling over the blog design template, colours, layout etc. My advice is to just quickly choose a design to get through the process. It's more important to familiarise yourself with how the Dashboard (the admin stuff) works. You can always change the design later.

#3 - Choose a consistent blog name with your URL
For instance, if I want my blog to be called "Rambling Librarian", then my preferred URL is also "". This is for consistency.

#4 - Vs
I get this alot: Newbie creates a blog. Then says "my blog can't be found". I'd tell them to check the URL. The blog URL should be "" and not "". Example:
  • is incorrect
  • is the correct URL
So far, only has this sort of arrangement. If you signup for a blog, your blog url would be See what I mean about consistency? :)

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John Yeo said...

useful and insightful. Especially those comments. I still struggle with taking som much time each round I want to change the skin of my blog. I only wish blogger or blogspot have many more skin designs for us to select. Quite a narrow range I must say.